I now live in Crazy Town

Yup… when I wasn’t looking someone moved me right smack in the middle of Crazy Town.  At the end of the year, I sat down here and made a list of my goals for 2013.  I didn’t think that anyone of them was unattainable.  They weren’t so high and lofty that I couldn’t reach them…  and for the most part I was moving right along. I felt good.  I was focused.

And then came January 12.  We got a call that afternoon that my 30-year old step-son had been arrested for Aggravated Drunk Driving.  “Aggravated” because he hit another vehicle.  I think that’s the day we moved to Crazy Town. 

After that, so much has now come to light.  We have found out since then, that he had (or still has) a drug problem – a $200.00 a day Perc habit!  A couple days after the arrest, we get a call that the he needs a ride to get his Methadone at a Clinic 30 miles away… and “Oh ya dad… Can you pay for it?!?!?!”  WHAT????? 

 How long has this been going on?  He swears he isn’t doing Percs anymore… but he’s tweaking bad.  So off goes dad taking his son for “legal drugs”. About a week after that, we get a call that he and his girlfriend of 12 years had a huge blowout.  She says he pushed her… he says he didn’t.  The truth is somewhere in the middle.  Scroll forward 2 more days and we get a crazy call that he needs a another ride to the Clinic.  That’s twice now.  And yes, just 3 days ago, he gets another ride.  But this time only get 1/2 the dose. 

We have found out through all of this that the son was using Bath Salts!  I don’t know exactly what they are, but they aren’t good.  They are legal, but just as addictive as anything you can buy on the streets.  Apparently he was using so much, the corner market (yes they were legal to sell there) refuses to sell him anymore.

So now I’m totally off track.  I don’t even know what to pray at this point.  I just cry out to God… Help Us!  I can’t focus.  I’m trudging through the day waiting for the phone to ring again to see what else comes to light.

And yup, I’m not disappointed. 

I live in a Condo.  There are 20 units in the building.  When you put 20+people together, there is bound to be drama.  I wish it were only drama.  It has gone nutty here.  I have a very sweet neighbor.  He is a gentle soul with alot of health issues.  We’ve become friends over the years and will chit-chat from time to time.  Well he’s decided that I somehow need to become embroiled in the craziness that is this building.  There are too many people with nothing to do, but make each other crazy and they now think that I need to be a part of it.  I don’t.  I have quite enough crazy for all of them, I don’t need anymore.

I got a call 4 days ago from the neighbor who just had to tell me all the “dirt” about the neighbors… all their dirty little secrets.  He just had to share the gossip.  After 40 minutes of this.  I excused myself and hung up the phone.  The next morning, he called with more dirt.  I promptly told him that I don’t want to be involved.  At that point he went into a cuss-riddled litany of what kind of person he thinks I am.  I promptly hung up… again.  His voice mail a few hours later, told me even more of just what he thought about me. I don’t think that I need to subject myself to this… do I?  Someone would have some real hard evidence to prove to me that I do.

Yep, I just moved dead square in the middle of Crazy Town.  I’m surrounded and I don’t know how to move out.

Just a few minutes ago… a phone call from Michael at work… his son called wanting money and a ride.  That sends him over the edge.  He is completely crazed.  He so loves his son.  He so wants him clean…  to get a job… to get his life in order.  He’s not a child, he’s 30 years old.  What makes him think that he can put all the blame on this on his father?  He’s now saying it’s his father’s fault. 

I was able to find a good article the other day that was written by the parents of an adult child addict.  Very very sound advice.  You can still love your child.  You can hate the behavior.  But what you cannot and should not do is to do anything to promote their addiction.   So thankfully, he is not coming here to live.  (a good thing or I would be moving out)  My fiance learned not to give him money.  You need food or cigarettes, I will buy them for you, but you will not get cash in your hands.  My fiance’ takes the wisdom of the article to heart and listens to these parents that have been through this.

But my heart is breaking because I don’t know what to do.  I don’t know how to help him.  I can encourage him.  I can hold him when he returns from his sons crying for his lost child.  I can pray for him, though I can’t gather my thought long enough to do that.  Lately, I feel like Job.  Everything around me is spinning out of control.  I try to stay peaceful, I try to keep calm in the house.

Shortly after moving in to this Condo, I decided that I would bless and anoint this house.  This is something that my dad taught me years ago.  I don’t know who’s lived here before.  I don’t know what kind of crazy they were involved in or not.  Either way, I prayed in this house.  I annointed the door and windows and asked God’s blessing on this home.  I think it is time to cleanse this house again.  Not only have we had all of this craziness surrounding us almost daily… since the first of the year, both of us has been sick numerous times.  Not the full-blown flu sick… but close enough.

Not knowing what his kids were up to, though suspected something… did we invite evil into our home?  Is it possible?  It’s time to get out the oil and bless this house again. 

I don’t know what to do or how to fix anything that’s been going on around here.  All I can do is to pray and ask God to intervene, to reach down to that lost child…. to reach down to my neighbors.    All I can do is to ask for guidance and widom for my fiance and myself.  To give us the strength to get through the phone calls.  To stand firm against the evil drugs that have a hold on this child and to understand that the hateful talk coming from the son, is the drugs talking and not to allow the words to take hold.

Lord help us.


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