And so it continues…

More than a month ago, I posted that I had move smack-dab into the center for crazy town.  I really thought, it can’t get more nuts than this.  Yikes… was I wrong!

February was a very long month around here.  The craziness associated with Michael’s son continues even till now.  However, there was one huge blessing in the midst of all of this.  Let me explain…  Mike and I prayed that we could somehow get through to his son about his drug use.  But of course he wouldn’t listen to either of us.  He downplayed the whole thing, telling us it wasn’t that bad… that he’s in a Methadone program that’s working, blah, blah, blah.

We prayed one night that God would send His “Perfect Person” to come alongside John and walk with him through this nightmare.  We Praise God!  He Did!!!   A childhood friend that John used to “get stoned with” -who is now clean and sober – did just that.  He reached out to John and took him in.  Without insurance or resources, there was no detox or rehab center available.  This friend and his wife, took John in and helped him detox.  It was ugly.  John would call here a dozen times a day… ranting and raving.  Saying he can’t do it… he just wants to die.  Yet through it all, he was this young couple just loving on him and helping him through this.  I can say now that John is now 14 days clean.  The strongest thing he’s taking is Motrin for his aching body.  So… prayers answered.

But this list of prayers goes on forever.  At the end of this month, John must face the Judge in his Drunk Driving case.  I don’t know if it’s best for him to go to jail or to just get probation.  Jail for a while would be a good wake up call, perhaps some AA or NA classes behind bars would be good??? dunno.  Probation would certainly go a long way to keeping him moving on the path forward.  ie…  sober, working, etc.  BUT… and this is huge…  the long time friend lives in another state – 25 miles away.  Probation means that he would have to live back in this state, this area.  THIS area is his “playground”.  He knows exactly where to go to get whatever he wants.  Then comes the question, where does he live.  (he was evicted from his apartment).  Call me cold and cruel, but he’s not coming here to live.  I can’t deal with minute-by-minute drama.  And truthfully, I don’t trust him.  I don’t trust that he won’t steal to get money for his drugs.  It wouldn’t be the first time he’s stolen from his father.  All I can do is to ask God for HIS will, not mine in this situation, cuz I certainly don’t know what to pray here.

And more drama… we’ve also found out that Michael’s daughter has decided that she can’t live without her own drug-addict, unemployed, verbally and physically abusive boyfriend.  And of course, they have no money… so dad… can you pay my rent this month?  WHAT????  Dad was quick to point out that she has made a choice to “hook her star to this hero”… he’s her man, he can take care of her.  Please keep in mind that she is a 37 year old woman… not an 18 year old child.

The almost daily barrage of phone calls is about to make me loose my mind.  Look up drama-queen… that’s her.  I used to jokingly say that if she doesn’t have enough drama in her own life each day… she will hunt the  neighboorhood till she finds some.  Somehow gets embroiled in all that….  then calls here to tell us all about it. 

Now, in addition to all that in February…  let’s throw in a health scare with my brother-in-law.  We are his guardian, so whenever anything goes wrong with him, we have to be involved.  A wonderful sweet gentle soul that is now confined to a nursing home from a massive head injury a few years back.  God bless him please.  He has a seizure and fell and cracked his head.  Of course, now he’s rushed off to the hospital for a few days.  Back and forth to the hospital, doctors appointments, more tests.  There really are only so many days in a month and so many hours in a day.

Now let’s also add in the fact that Mike promised his mom that he would completely redo her kitchen while she was in Florida for the winter.  WHAT??  Due home at the end of March, so we gotta hurry and get it done. We started all this in January.  And like so many home impovement projects, nothing… not a single thing goes as planned.  And not just fresh paint… no… let’s make sure we insist on tearing out the lighting and install a new ceiling fan.  House not wired for it???  Oh guess you’ll have to run new wiring!  I don’t know that I mind having to do it as much as it makes me crazy that she expects it to be done.  A mother’s guilt goes a long way.  Yup folks, that’ how we spent Valentine’s Day.  Spent 8 hours over there trying to get it all done.  Came home called for pizza and called it a night.  A call the other day and she asks if we can redo the counter top and install closet doors????  WHAT???  I have to keep my mouth shut for sure.  I know that some very unGodly words might come out.

I’m tired and I’m cranky and I just want my joyful home back.  Is any of this going to end anytime soon?  There are days that I just want to move 1000 miles away, but that really isn’t going to fix anything at all.  So I just keep smiling… okay maybe not smiling…  but I am biting my tongue for sure.

I lay down at night and just keep praying, Lord show us the way through this… Please?


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