His Unfailing Love

Sometimes this world has my heart in a mess
So many fears and worries, with no place to rest.

I want to lie down for just a few hours,
And turn the raging storms into soft gentle showers.

It seems there’s no place I can run or can hide
I feel I’m alone with none by my side.

He says give me your burdens and your tired aching heart,
I’ll carry them for you; I’ve said that from the start.

Your worries, your pain, your sadness, your fear
Bring them my child; I’m ever so near.

Know My joy, know My peace, know My love, know My grace,
In the shelter of My arms is your saving place. 

Know that I love you, know that you’re Mine,
I knew every minute of your life before time.

Now rejoice in Me that you’ve laid it all down,
Well done My child; one day you’ll have your crown.


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