My Ideal Bookshelf

What’s On Your Bookself? I’ll be working on mine.l



There’s a book that my in-laws got me for Christmas last year, that I absolutely cherish. They found this book recommendation on Dr. Russell Moore’s blog, and were correct to think that I needed this book. 

The idea is simple. Writers, chefs, reporters, designers, artists, and other people with a significant status within their occupation were asked to compile their ideal bookshelf and present a short blurb about why they chose these particular books. Jane Mount beautifully recreates these personalized bookshelves with her gorgeous paintings of the book spines. 

Having just finished the book, I was inspired to compile my own bookshelf. Some of them I don’t yet own, so I’ve been requesting them from the library for the last week or so. And since I’m not a painter, and Jane Mount isn’t likely to paint my shelf, I took a picture of my compiled all-time favorite books. Read…

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