On My Bookshelf

I love to read.  It is the gift that my parents gave me from a young age.  However, as you know, books are expensive.  Until recently, I have been relagated to the Public Library for my books.  Don’t get me wrong, I do love the library.  I can spend an entire day in there.  But the types of books that I want, aren’t always available in a small town library.

I’ve recently (thank you Jesus for this blessing!) been added as a reviewer by several Christian publishers and other websites that provide books in exchange for an honest and timely review of the book. reading chair

So… in addition to my love of reading… and finding out how to blog…  well, it’s a match made in heaven!  I have been blessed by so many wonderful authors.  My goal here is to share my thoughts and information about the books that I’ve been blessed to review.

If you are interested in finding out how to be a reviewer, you can check out the links below or drop me a line.

As a small favor…  You’ll notice at the end of each book review that I write, there is a line that says “This book is available online at Deeper Shopping Books and Bibles” and then there is a “buy now” button.  Yes, that is an affiliate link. If you found my review helpful and you are interested in purchasing the book, then please consider clicking the link and purchasing the book through my affiliation.  I won’t get rich doing this, but it does help me to pay my bills.  Thank you. I do appreciate it.

The list of books that I’ve reviewed is getting a bit too long for just this one page, so I’ve pushed them out to many pages.  You can click on the link below to read the full review of that book.



Links to the Book Clubs that I belong to.  Note: Each site/publisher has it’s own set of rules and requirements, so be sure to do your research.

 Tyndale Blog Network


 I review for BookSneeze®


tbcn logo

Note: If you are interested in being a book reviewed from The Book Club Network website, you will need to ask to join a group called: “Club for Readers ONLY (Free) Books” (http://www.bookfun.org/group/will-work-for-free-books)

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